The Zombeats

The Zombeats - My First Band

With a name like The Zombeats, we’re pretty much assured of being last place on anyone’s list. And rightly so because The Zombeats were of little significance to the Teesside music scene in the 60’s.

This is the only picture I have of The Zombeats, taken by Jonathan “Johnny” Longstaff at the Billingham Tech in ‘64 or ‘65. From left to right:

Graham Pearson with a Hofner Colorama playing through a home-made combo amp.

Jonathan “Johnny” Crowther on drums.

Godfrey “Goff” Pragnell with a Hofner Verithin playing through a Vox AC30 amp (extreme right).

Howard “Captain” Morgan on vocals playing a right-handed guitar left-handedly, playing through a Selmer Truvoice TV12/T (Blood & Custard) amp (in front of drums).

Johnny Longstaff, Goff and I were in the same class at Stockton Grammar School. Les Bennet, bass player and vocalist with the Blue Caps, was also at Stockton Grammar, a couple of years older than us. Sadly, Goff died in 1994. Johnny Longstaff went on to teach at Teesside Polytechnic. I’ve had no contact since the 60’s with the other members of the band.

Thanks to Stan Laundon for his help in identifying the Selmer amp on this page.